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Museums in Greece

Greece is bursting with museums and archaeological sites

Did you know that Greece has the most archaeological museums in the world?


Greece has a total of 196 different archaeological museums. You will find them spread across the mainland and the islands. The National Archaeological Museum in Athens is considered the most important archaeological museum in Greece. Here you will find one of the most valuable collections in the world. This museum dates back to 1829. It was not until 1889 that the construction of the current museum in the center of the Greek capital was completed. Until then, this valuable archaeological collection was largely displayed on the island of Aegina.

Most visited archaeological museum in Greece

In Athens, the Acropolis Museum is another very important and beautiful archaeological museum. The Acropolis Museum is the most visited archaeological museum in Greece and, with an area of no less than 25,000 m2, it is also one of the largest museums in the country. The rich collection here is impressive and the arrangement allows you to view many finds from literally all sides. Through the high and wide glass you can look out from this museum at the Acropolis and further away the Parthenon. More information, see here

Museum about the life of Maria Callas

The Maria Callas Museum in Athens will open in 2023, a few weeks before the 100th anniversary of the great Greek soprano's birth. The museum, which is located at 44 Mitropoleos Street in the Greek capital, covers various facets of Callas' career and personal life. “I think we are primarily targeting 'regular visitors' who may not know much about opera, museum supervisor Erato Koutsoudaki told the Associated Press. “We therefore invite visitors to start with the rooms where you can listen and see Callas perform iconic arias from the great operas. Then you can learn more about who this woman was and why she was so important,” says Koutsoudaki." On the upper floors of the building, a room from her Parisian apartment has been recreated. In other rooms, her costumes are on display, as are handwritten letters and a sketch of a Callas-inspired Manolo Blahnik design.

The museum also features letters, jewelry, a stamp series from Kyrgyzstan and Congo and numerous awards from Callas.

Archaeological museums on the Greek mainland

Ancient Olympia on the Peloponnese also has its own archaeological museum. Just like the oracle of Delphi in Central Greece. Two true crowd pullers on mainland Greece.

Perhaps less known, but just as beautiful, are the tombs of Vergina. The accompanying impressive archaeological museum is located in the largest tomb underground. A visit is often combined with a city trip to Thessaloniki. In this second largest city in Greece, the archaeological museum is also richly stocked and is worth a visit.

Archaeological museums on the Greek islands

You will also find numerous archaeological museums on the Greek islands. The Archaeological Museum of Heraklion on Crete has one of the largest collections on these islands. Historical items up to 5,500 years old are on display here. This Cretan museum was thoroughly renovated in 2014.

On Santorini, the Prehistoric Museum of Thira, in the capital Fira, is an archaeological museum worth seeing. Many archaeological finds from Akrotiri, sometimes up to 3,600 years old, are shown here to visitors. This collection contains some rare statues and centuries-old murals.

Rhodes also has beautiful archaeological finds. Often originating from the Middle Ages (knight period). These objects are exhibited in the Palace of the Grand Masters and the Archaeological Museum in Rhodes Town. Of course, we cannot name all 196 archaeological museums separately. The fact is that Greece has the most archaeological museums in the world.

Acropolis van Athene

A visit to the Acropolis of Athens is of course a must during a visit to Athens. It is the chance to admire the beautiful ancient architecture and art and it also allows you to appreciate Greece's rich history and its influence on Western civilization. Please note that a slot must be booked from December 8, 2023. See Acropolis here


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