How to book a holiday in the Authentic Greece? 

In oder to book your holiday or tour provide us by e mail: with the following information: 


  1. complete names of all participants

  2. in case of children also the date of birth

  3. address for the invoice

  4. at least one mobile phone number (with country code) 

  5. e mail address

  6. what do you like to book? 

  7. period: in & out?  (how many nights?) 

  8. airport of departure

  9. airport of arrival 

  10. air company

  11. arrival time at destination 

  12. departure time from destination

  13. flight number in arrival 

  14. flight number in departure

  • After having receipt all this information we will send you a CONFIRMATION / CONTRACT with the bankreferences

  • Payment: 25% at confirmations and saldo 30 days before starting you holiday.

  • Ca 1 week for departure we will send you all the vouchers, tickets and indications how to arrive

For all kind of information or special requests, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Thank you very much for you 'nearly' reservation and we wish you a very happy holiday

The reservation department.

Karlien A. Liewes