Ikaria Island....the real authentic Greece

Kalimera, I am om the island Ikaria and I am impressed. It is amazing. This is one of the few Authentic Greek islands. It is in between Samos and Mykonos and has ca. 7000 inhabitants. And these inhabitants are getting old...older than in other places in the world. Ikaria is one of the Blue Zones. Ikaria is quite, lazy, a little remote....it is ideal place for a relaxing holiday, maybe go for special cooking class, learn about the way of life, enjoy on of the many festivals, enjoy the Ikarian wine and honey, go for yoga or hiking classes etc. Do you like to come an authentic, traditional Greek island, where less is better in all senses? Please book your holiday with Authentic Greece Tour Operator to Ikaria. You will love it here. Authentic Greece offers packages: 1 week car + one week stay in lovely small hotel just on the sea in Amenitsis, 1 special wine tour in the night time (wine tasting, visit the oldest villages of the island, join the Ikarian night life), 1 cooking class + lunch for learning how to prepare a healthy Ikarian meal.

For information, contact info@authenticgreece.expert.

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