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Where to eat on Zakynthos?

  • Obelix Grill in Amoudi., you cannot miss it. It looks fantastic and the food is excellent.

  • To Steki Tis Gefsis in Vanato. Another great grill restaurant. 

  • Crossroads yes one more grill restaurant in Kipseli.

  • BOOMERANGBEACH BAR & RESTAURANT, in Planos - Tsilivi, on Tsilivi Beach (next to Hotel Al Mare and of course in front of our Boomerang Apartments.  Excellent drinks and excellent food on the beach. 

  • TAVERNA AMOUDI, in the small village of Amoudi just on the beach. Excellent taverna for fish, meat or vegaterian. The service, the food, the view and the ambience is fantastic. I love this place. 

  • In case you travel by ferry boat and you are still in Kilini (on the mainland) please stop for a dinner or lunch  dinner in TAVERNA ANDREAS STIVAS. Andreas serves real Greek food….. 

  • You like to have a real Authentic Greek dinner, please go to PORTO ROULIS in Kypseli.  More authentic Greek you cannot find.

  • One of most traditional restaurant in Zakynthos Town is TO KANTOUNI. There is just one problem….it is only open for lunch time. It is fantastic. The address is: Logotheton Street 15. Fantastic traditinional food.

  • TAVERNA ANASTASIA in the village Anafonitria is great. A perfect lunch stop during your island tour. Anastasia serves wonderful Greek yoghurt and a great Moussaka.  Anastasia is a lovely woman who invites you in her kitchen to choose the food. 

  • MICHALIS TAVERNA SUNSET in Kambi'. For me this is the best restaurant from Zakynthos. Unfortunately, it is far ...... But when you decide to enjoy the best sunset you have ever seen, have your diner here.  

  • RESTAURANT BASSIA in AKROTIRI, in case you want some different....beautiful....yes it is Greek, but also new, stylish and trendy. Direct on the sea. Fantastic decoration. Fish specialties. I love this place.....

  • AVGUSTIS TAVERNA in TSILIVI, Fantastic Greek taverna just on the sea, on Bouka Beach, next to Sentido Alexandra Beach Hotel. Great food and fantastic ambience. 

  • MERAKI RESTAURANT in Tragaki, beautiful view and very good Greek food. On the road to the old village Tragki. Opens only in the night time. Fish & meat.

  • TAVERNA AKROTIRI in Akrotiri....traditional, Greek and real good. Please order the starters....They will bring you all differtent Greek starters. It is fantastic. 

  • I AVLI Restaurant in Zakynthos town. Is is soooo wow.........fantastic decoration  and the food is excellent. TraditionalGreek food with a modern touch: vegan, glutenfree, healthy..

  • Fantastic Beach Bar and Restaurant VENUS at Tsilivi Beach. Very good food, trendy, good music, fantastic atmosphere and luxury sunbeds. 

  • Fantastic Beach Bar & Restaurant in Alikes: Fish Alida. Must go. 

  • Lekkas Farm is not a restaurant. But if you want to buy real good wine and olive oil, please have a stop here. 

Where to go on Zakynthos? 


  • Navagio / Shipwreck. Enjoy the view from above. Close to Anafonitria

  • Blue Caves are one of Zakynthos most famous natural attractions. They were discovered in 1897. The caves are located east of Cape Skinari and are accesible by boat. We suggest you to book a boat tour from Agios Nikoloas, Theodosis Excursions

  • Mizithres /Keri are two tall and imposing white rocks at the south western coast close to Keri.

  • Bohali is one of the towns prettiest subbburbs. It is located right above Zakynthos Towns. You will have a beautiful view of Zakynthos. Ideal for a diner or drink at the night time.

  • St Dionysios Church. St Dionysios is the patron saint of Zakynthos. 

  • Museum of Solomos dedicated to the National Poet of Greece who was born in Zakynthos on the 08th of April 1798.

  • The Vardioles: you will find them everywhere on Zakynthos. These are small observertories of the Venetian period.

  • Sunset of Kambi.....the most spectacular sunset you have ever seen. Please have a diner at Michaelis Sunset Taverna and ejoy the view.

  • Tour Authentic Zakynthos: Tragaki - Katastari - Volimes - Anafonitria - Maries - Exo Hora - Giri - Loucha - Agios Marina

  • Monastery of St Geroge Kremnon close to Anafontria

Beaches on Zakynthos 

  • Maratonisi looks like a Caribean beach. Maratonisi is an island in the bay of Laganas and nesting place of the turtles Caretta Caretta. You visit Maratonis by private boat. We suggest you to book a boat trip or taxi at Mantos Boats in Agios Sostis.

  • Dafni Beach, for me the most beautiful beach of Zakynthos. Dafni and Sekania are located in the south and belong to the Zakynthos Marine Park. 

  • Gerakas considered one of the most beautiful beaches of Zakynthos in the area of Vasilikos. It is long sandy beach and also nesting place for the Caretta Caretta.

  • Porto Zoro Beach, a beautiful sandy beach in the area of Vasilikos.

  • Banana Beach, the longest sandy beach of the island. With beach bars and water sport activities.

  • St Nikolas Beach next ot Banana beach and Porto Zoro. Excellent for a day of water sports, sun bathing, music and a drink.

  • Porto Limnionas (and Porto Roxa) is more a lagoon than a beach and it is really amazing. 

  • Xigia Beach. The water contains sulphur ad is said to have healing properties. Beautiful.

  • Gaidaros Beach a lovely beach, close to Tsilivi. The beach is awarded with the Blue Flag.

  • Porto Vromi, is not really a beach but small natural harbor with blue water. 

  • Navagio / Shipwreck Beach, is one of the most famous beaches in the world and tradmark of Zakynthos. The beach is only accessible by boat. We suggest you to depart from Agios Nikolaos, Theodosis Excursions.

  • Marathias is wonderful pebble beach close  to Keri. 

  • Laganas is the most crowded beach of the island.

  • Tsilivi is a wonderful sandy beach with beach bars and water sport activities. Ideal for famelies

  • Makris Gialos is a lovely beach, not very crowded. With pebbles and blue water.

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