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Costa Navarino 

South West Peloponnese

Costa Navarino is actually literally translated 'the coast of Pylos'. Pylos was called in the italian period 'Navarino'. It is located in the area of the southwest of the Peloponnese. 













Costa Navarino in the Peloponnese is an unique holiday destination that is strongly influenced by the Meditteranean and the history of Greece.  A holiday on the Costa Navarino is a journey to an unknown place, to which did not exist as Costa Navarino for a number of years; an oasis of absolute peace and a clear blue sea. It is certainly one of the most unspoiled and most breathtaking holiday destinations in the Peloponnese. A holiday in Costa Navarino provides 45000 years of history, with cities such as Olympia, the Ancient Messini, Nestor Palace, Sparta and Mycene. Costa Navarino offers many sport activities that can be practiced during almost the whole year, such as golf, kite surfing, cycling, mountain biking, hiking, tennis and sailing. Costa Navarino has many culinary surprises, delicious wines and of course produces the famous olive oil.

Of course Costa Navarino is an unique Golf destination.  



Pink flamengos are overwwintering here.

The water temparature is evenin the winter 24C

The temperature is even in the winter very good. It is warmer than in other parts of Greece.

Costa Navarino map
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