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The flavors of Kefalonia

Culinary adventure

The flavors of Kefalonia a culinary adventure on the beautiful island of Kefalonia.

Discover the gastronomic treasures of Kefalonia on this unforgettable culinary journey! Combine beach, sun and sea with delicious food and wine, and enjoy a holiday that stimulates all your senses.

Let us guide you to the best places to eat and drink on the island, while you put together your own weekly program. Included are regular program components such as our Cooking & Dinner Experience, an enchanting cruise to Ithaka, the rental car with all necessary insurance. You can simply book your hotel or apartment yourself. (Or we do it for you).


Included in Flavors of Kefalonia:

  • Cooking & Dinner Experience (from 5:30 PM to 11:00 PM approx)

  • The cruise to  Ithaka, from Skala (from 3:30 PM to 10:30 PM approx)

  • Rental car (including all possible insurance, for 7 days)

  • No. 2  wine tastings (incl. snacks and a bottle of wine to drink on the balcony in the evening)

  • Dinner in a very exclusive top restaurant in Skala (3 courses with accompanying wines)

  • Tip for where to eat and drink, where to swim and fish. Tips for going to the bakery who bakes that special ancient bread, to the cheese factory, to an olive oil farmer... and much more.

  • We can adapt everything to your wishes

NB. Yes, we can add a really fun fishing excursion.

Price Together from Kefalonia:

euro 550.00 per person (min 2 persons)

The Robolo wine from Kefalonia

Wine has been made in Greece since ancient times. Dionysos (Dennis) is the god of wine in Greek mythology. Grapes have been grown for the production of wine for more than 6,000 years. Greece's climate + mountainous landscape are ideal for making good wines. It is almost certain that the Greeks furthered the knowledge of winemaking in Marseille and southern Italy. The Romans took over wine making from the Greeks. In the 14th century, many areas of Greece were populated by the Venetians. They brought new grape varieties. Greece was a leading wine country. However, in the 15th century, Greece fell into the hands of the Ottoman Empire. Drinking wine was forbidden. The problem came in the production of wine. Wine making continued slowly on the islands, despite the Ottomans.

Until Greece joined the EU, only table wine was produced. However, a classification system was subsequently established for Greek wines. There are now several dozen wine regions with an official POP (or PDO, Protected Designation of Origin) classification. One of them is Cephalonia. The ROBOLA is made in Kefalonia, among other things. A white dry and elegant wine with a crystal clear yellow color. You can taste the citrus fruits and the Mediterranean climate. It is an ideal wine with fish dishes or pasta. The Robola grape was brought to Kefalonia by the Venetians. This grape is only grown in the southern half of Kefalonia. The vineyards are located at an altitude of 400 to 800 meters. Winters are wet and mild and summers hot in Kefalonia. The soil is calcareous.

One of the most important wineries for the Robola is Robola Cooperative of Kefalonia, right next to the San Gerassimo Monastery. The cooperative now has 300 members who supply their grapes. The cooperative also produces other wines from indigenous grape varieties: white grape varieties are: Tsaoussi, Vostilidi, Mothonis. Red grape varieties are: Mavrodaphe and Agiorgitik. This winery should definitely be visited.

Feta cheese from Kefalonia

Discover Kefalonia's unique cheese treasures during your stay on the island! The famous Feta is made here, just like everywhere else in Greece. Made from sheep's and sometimes goat's milk, Feta has that distinctive bold, salty flavor that is perfect for salads, casseroles and baking. Packed in a saline solution, this cheese is packed with calcium, vitamin B12, vitamin D and amino acids. And to top it all off, Feta even contains fewer calories than most 30+ cheeses! Kefalonia's special Feta is simply delicious.

Another pride of Kefalonia is the Kefalotyri. Although nowadays found throughout Greece, let's take a moment here to enjoy its origins. Made from sheep and/or goat's milk, Kefalotyri has the same intense taste. Firmer in structure, this cheese is perfect for grilling.

Also try the Mizithra and the Prentza, a delicious combination of Mizitra, a few chunks of Feta, olive oil and thyme. A true taste explosion!

And who doesn't know the classic starter Saganaki? Named after the pan in which the cheese is fried, this dish is usually made with Kefalograviera, Kasseri or Kefalotyri. Served with a twist of lemon juice, this is a must-try during your stay. The word 'Saganaki' comes from the Greek 'sagani', which means a frying pan with two handles. A little linguistics for your taste adventure!

Orgeano from Cephalonia

Discover the untouched natural treasures of Kefalonia during your stay on the island! Amidst this enchanting environment you will find the majestic Enos (Ainos), the highest mountain of all the Ionian Islands, shrouded in an aura of mysticism and adventure.

The Enos National Park, affectionately known as Black Mountain, is an oasis of biodiversity, where the rare Cephalonian spruce, Abies Cephalonica, reigns proudly amid vast forests. Walk past babbling streams and colorful flower fields, where wild oregano and sweet marjoram grow in abundance. These fragrant herbs are part of the essence of Greek cuisine, and our friend and owner of a famous restaurant on the island, a true culinary visionary, regularly sets out to pick wild oregano for his delicious dishes in his famous restaurant in Skala .

Be enchanted by the scents and colors of Kefalonia as you walk along the picturesque paths, from the route to San Gerassimo to the Wine Cooperative. Along the way you can enjoy breathtaking views and discover the rich natural diversity of this beautiful island. Experience the true essence of Kefalonia through the eyes of a connoisseur and be carried away by the enchanting aromas of wild oregano that fill the air with their unique charm.

Cruise to Itaca

You must have seen Ithaka once in your life. Is this excursion culinary? Well no, or is it? I had a delicious meal in the port of Kioni. And I guarantee you will be impressed. It is so nice to first arrive in Vathi, the capital, and then sail on to the idyllic Kioni... In Kioni there is time for dinner. A great cruise that you cannot miss. Odysseus probably sailed the same route in ancient times after 10 years of war in Troy and 10 years of wandering through Southern Europe. Would he have felt the same when he finally entered Vathi….

Cooking experience in Kefalonia

Step into the warm atmosphere of Kefalonian hospitality during our exclusive evening dinner! Around 5:30 PM you will be welcomed by the charming hostesses, Mrs. Vassiliki and Mrs. Giorgios, for an unforgettable culinary experience. Together with them and possibly other guests, you will prepare an authentic Kefalonia dinner, where you can roll up your sleeves or relax and enjoy the spectacle of traditional preparation methods.

Discover the true Kefalonian food culture as you immerse yourself in the island's local delicacies and products. Mrs. Vassiliki immediately reveals that Moussaka is not on the menu here. "Moussaka is for the tourists," she says with a wink. Then you will enjoy a delicious four-course dinner together, accompanied by delicious wines from Kefalonia. Let yourself be pampered while the hosts tell you all about the culinary secrets and specialties of the island.

Let the evening pass cheerfully with pleasant conversations, music and a cordial atmosphere. Around 11 p.m. the evening comes to an end and you return home, with an unforgettable experience and the feeling as if you have become one with the real Greeks of Kefalonia, adopted into the family of Vassiliki and Giorgios.

Olive oil from Kefalonia

Start dreaming about the flavors of Kefalonia, the sun-drenched hills of Kefalonia, dotted with rows of glistening olive trees dancing in the warm breeze of the Mediterranean. Here, in this idyllic landscape, the irresistible olive oil of Kefalonia is born, a true symbol of taste and tradition.

Made from the finest olives lovingly nurtured by local farmers, Kefalonia's olive oil is a real treat for the senses. With its refined aromas, rich flavor profile and silky texture, every drop is a tribute to the island's abundant natural beauty.

Taste the olive oil of Kefalonia and discover a world of delights for the taste buds. Use it to enrich your dishes with subtle nuances and an unmistakable Mediterranean flair. Drizzle it over crusty bread, mix it into fresh salads or use it as a base for your favorite dishes. The possibilities are endless, and every time you taste the golden liquid you will be transported to the sun-drenched shores of Kefalonia.

Book your trip to the Flavors of Kefalonia today and let yourself be taken on an unforgettable culinary journey through the enchanting flavors of this beautiful Greek island. Discover the secrets of the local cuisine, taste the delicious wines and enjoy the warm hospitality of the local people. Make memories that will last a lifetime and be enchanted by the unique flavors of Kefalonia. Your culinary adventure awaits - don't miss it!

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