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Tour on the Peloponnese

The most beautiful way to get to know the real Greece

We are often approached to put together a fun tour of the Peloponnese.

We have now been able to put together many incredibly fun tours in the Peloponnese.


You should actually allow at least 10 days for this so that you can enjoy the incredibly beautiful beaches on the Peloponnese, the terraces and tavernas for a few days in between. About three weeks is actually even better... in this case you can add a beach holiday to Zakynthos or Kefalonia.

It is best to book  a flight to Athens. Actually it would be even better to fly to Athens and fly back from Zakynthos. This way you can complement your holiday with a beach holiday on Zakynthos. This is certainly possible with Transavia. When you book your flight, we will arrange the rest for you. #wearrangeitforyou

Below you see an example of a tour on the Peloponnese. This way you really see a lot of the Peloponnese and Athens and you can also enjoy the beach.

Tour on the Peloponnese

The tour starts in Athens. Athens is trendy. Athens is a lot of fun. Of course you will view the Acropolis and take a walk or bike tour through the center full of antiquity and new trends. With or without a guide.


Athens offers a lot:

food tour on foot to taste and get to know all the specialties

combination walking tour: food – antiquity – acropolis – lunch with Dutch guide

bike tour with local

antiquity tour for children with Dutch guide

on the Segway through the city led by a guide

mountain bike tour to Cape Sounion this is so much takes about 6.5 hours...!

see the city's super interesting museums

Of course we will provide you with tips and lists of the best restaurants.

From Athens you drive along the Corinth Canal and the city of Elafsina to the Argolide Region. The Argolide region is beautiful. Here you will find the city of Nafplion, former capital of Greece and nowadays a very chic city with antiquity, modern shops as well as a beach, marina, etc. and the Theater of Epidaurus. Two overnight stays in Nafplion are actually necessary. You could also opt for two nights in the seaside resort of Tolo. But let's be honest, Nafplion is much more fun. There is a lot to see and experience in Napflion itself, but a trip to the Epidaurus Theater is a must. We also recommend a visit to ancient Argos. Don't forget that Greece's top wine Nemea is made in this area. Here you drive, as it were, through the vineyards and fields of oranges. You can certainly stop along the way to visit a winery. Also take a look at this page.

From Nafplion you continue the journey south, along the coast. In beautiful Gythio it is time for a delicious lunch. You drive further and further south and then spend the night in the picturesque town of Areopolis. This is located in the Mani region. Aeropolis is not located on the sea, but is definitely worth a visit. The next day you will visit the famous towns of Stoupa and Kardamilli.

And now on our way to yet another new region: Messinia. Here you should actually plan at least 3 nights in, for example, Koroni (in a five-star hotel). However, you can also opt for overnight stays in Methoni. From here you can make incredibly beautiful trips to the center of Koroni (Castle), Methoni (Castle) and the capital Kalamata. It is a must to visit the Archeological Site of Messinia. This is located near Kalamata and is much more beautiful than Olympia.

rondreis Peloponnesos

Highlights and excursions near Methoni & Koroni

  • bicycle tour with good friend Aldona of about 3 hours in the area of Methoni. Very nice.

  • the fisherman from Methoni will take you by boat to the uninhabited island of Sapientza for a day at the beach. There are wild goats running around.

  • of course you must visit Ancient Messini and also here Ancient Messini Blog Authentic Greece

  • the waterfalls of Polilimnio (on the road between Pylos and Kalamata) are worth seeing

  • Palace of Nestor not far from Pylos is impressive

  • Golden Coast (Divari Beach) near Gialova

  • see also video

    Then you continue from Koroni via Finikounda and Methoni to Pylos. On the road from Finikounda to Methoni, right on the sea, is Destino Beach (a beach club, restaurant), very pleasant. You might want to make a stop in Methoni to see the Venetian Fort. And you may want to deviate from the main road and drive slightly into the hills and mountains. You will soon arrive in Evangelismos, Lachanada and co. ……truly authentic Greece. In Pylos you should have a coffee on the main square, especially in the morning. Then there really is an authentic Greek atmosphere. Then you continue along Costa Navarino and the most beautiful beach in Europe (according to Time Magazine); Voidokilia.​

    And now on to the last stage, via Kyparissa, Maratopoli and Zacharo to Olympia. Be sure to stop along the way for a coffee at a “platia”. Of course you must have seen Olympia once in your life. The next morning you drive to Kilini to take the ferry to Zakynthos or Kefalonia. We know the nicest boutique hotels and simple apartments for you on Kefalonia and Zakynhos.

Let's get everything straight


  • No. 3 nights in Athens, Hotel Brown Acropol**** or similar  (you can choose to spend another night on the coast near Athens at the end of your trip in order to arrive quickly at the airport the next morning)

  • No. 2 night  Hotel four stars in the Nafplion.

  • No. 1 night  Hotel three stars in Areopolis.

  • No. 3 nights Hotel five stars in Koroni or in three star hotel in Methoni.

  • No. 1 night four star hotel Olympia

TOTAL 10 nights

The price of course depends on how many days and which type of hotels you prefer. Just assume a price for a 10-day tour, including rental car (also for 10 days and including all insurance) and breakfast from approximately 1,300.00 per person (basic two people).

NB. Of course we can add Monemvassia, Sparta Mycenae and Mistras . Then the journey becomes longer. But definitely worth it.

NB. In every place along the route we will give you several tips for sights and restaurants.

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