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Vakantie op Evia

Evia island

Evia is authentic and sophisticated at the same time

Evia (or Euboea) YESS! Evia is an almost undiscovered part of Greece. Mass tourism…..No, not at all actually! After Crete, Evia is the largest island in Greece and it is close to Athens, only 80 km away. Evia is green and  has incredibly beautiful beaches. You are here in the real 'Authentic Greece'. Ideal for beach culture or active holidays.

Travel to Evia

Evia is even very suitable for a weekend away.

You can travel to Evia very easily: book a flight to Athens! Evia is connected to the mainland with two bridges. There is a super good highway directly from the airport. Furthermore, there is a direct bus connection and metro connection between Athens airport and Evia (to the capital Chalkidi). Then there are several ferry connections from Marmari and Karystos in the south to Rafina (this is close to Athens airport).

Kimi in the North has a boat connection to Skyros and Alonissos. From Agiokampos, just north of Evia, it is possible to sail to Skopelos, Skiathos and then to Thessaloniki.

We recommend exploring the island with a rental car. Evia is an elongated island with a length of 175 kilometers and a width ranging from 6 to 45 kilometers. Evia has a coastline of 680 km.

Evia is really Authentic Greece, you are here in Greece as you imagine it. Towns where it seems as if time has stood still, olive trees, vineyards, beautiful coasts with many intimate bays, beautiful forests, gurgling rivers, deep gorges and mountains. The highest mountain on Evia is Dirfys with a height of 1743 meters. In the spring there is still snow on the peaks.

Evia consists of mountains, valleys, beaches and authentic villages

Evia actually consists of three parts. North, Center and South.

The roads on Evia are very good. Evia is suitable for cycling, diving, snorkeling, just touring or chilling on the many beaches....

In North Evia you will find tourist towns such as Pefki and Limni, but there are also almost traditional villages on beautiful beaches between olive groves, where the modern Western way of life does not yet seem to have penetrated. Villages with their own distinct character, traditions and special holidays. The northern part of the island is mountainous with densely forested mountain slopes; ideal for walks and mountain climbing. The fertile green valleys with plane trees, firs, pines and dense vegetation with fast-flowing streams in between. Organized beaches, but also enchanting secluded bays and islets. The North is very suitable for hikers and mountain climbers.

There are charming villages in South Evia. harbor towns and beautiful long quiet sandy beaches. The seaside resorts are Karystos, Marmari, and picturesque Limni. Eretria is located in the center of the island.

The special thing about Evia is that you can experience different landscapes in a relatively small area. But almost everywhere there is a view of the high mountains that dominate the east coast. Along the picturesque coastal road, with ever changing views, you can see the Petali, the islands owned by the former King Constantine. They are freely accessible and can be reached by boat or swimming.

Capital Chalkis

However, Evia is not just beach and Authentic Greece.

No,... the capital of Evia is Chaldika (or Chalkis) is a modern, fashionable city right on the sea with no fewer than 100,000 inhabitants. Chalkida has an ideal location to explore the island from here, to start your holiday on Evia or to stroll along the long boulevard with nice fish tavernas everywhere. There are also beautiful beaches and beach bars in the capital. There is much to see and do in the town of Chalkida; the Venetian fortress Karababas, several museums and churches and the famous beautiful suspension bridge over the Euripus Strait. This makes Chalkidi a very suitable travel destination all year round.

There is a market from Monday to Saturday, where farmers from neighboring villages sell their fresh products. From July 26 to August 1, the residents of Chalkis celebrate Agia Peraskevi.

Halkidi is a popular destination for people from Athens, many even live there.

We offer various holidays, tours, apartments and boutique hotels on Evia. Send us a request without obligation. We will certainly come up with the perfect tailor-made trip for you.


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