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Where to eat in Athens?

Authentic Greece is always looking for the the most authentic taverna's for you

  • Orea Hellas, is the oldest Kafeneion of Athens. You will find it in the aera Monastiraki.It has alway been a place where politicians and artists meet. Nowadays it is also working as a restaurant. I suggest you to come in the late afternoon for a Ouzo + Meze. See on Orea Hellas. See on

  • For Pita Gyros, Kebab and Souvlaki Lovers an absolute must! In Monastiraki in Athens you will find a whole street full of Souvlaki and Gyros places. For ca. 5,50 you can have a fantastic Pita Gyros and a beer. A traditional and famous place is on the corner and is called Bairaktaris.

  • For real good traditional Souvlaki, please go to Kostas. Since 65 years the best souvlaki place between Plaka and Syntagma. See on This fantastic Souvlaki place is only open during the day. 

  • For an elegant lunch where you can meet the politicians of today, business men, or just friends coming back from shopping you have to be in  in Athinaikon Restaurant, very close to the Syntagma Square. Please do not forget to book a table. The prices are very reasonable. The service is fantastic. ​

  • A must go during your stay in Athens and in case you have a car .Outside Athens there is small village called Kalivia. In this village you have ca. 12 big authentic Greek taverna's. You will eat Lamb of Spit and other grill specialities. The prices are good and food is fantastic. I selected Oxristroforos for you. Wow!

  • I love this place, Pame Tsipouro.  Fotr an excellent ''easy'' Greek diner. You MUST go !!!!

  • A differtent, excellent, gourmet Gyros place is Hoocut. A trendy original gyros place runned by top chefs. In the center of Athens, close to Ermou Street,  Pl. Agias Irinis 9. You MUST go!!!

  • I come to Greece for more than 25 years. I live in Greece ca. 5 month a year and I have never tasted a better Pita Gyros as in Tenekedakia in the area Chalandri in Athens. Really the best Souvlaki Place in town. Anyway Chalandri is a fantastic place for good food and nice bars.​

  • Traditional taverna in the aerea Plaka is Stamatopoulos. Yes, it is tourist place, but anyway you are a tourist, is not it? Lovely place and good prices.  

  • Very good fish resturant in Glyfada is Sardelakaki. Simple, modern, easy going and good.  ​

  • In the city center, in the area Kolonaki you will find a traditional greek restaurant called Filipou. It is a great place for good and authentic greek food. 

  • Axana Arts Company. Really interesing for a Jazz or Theater in the center of Athens, in the original Train. The location of the train in behind the Museum Benaki. There is a fantastic bar in the train.

  • Lovely taverna close to the food market called Stoumeidani, see on Real good and authentic food. 

  • This is a very special taverna, very simple and authenthentic in the basement., close to food market, called Diporto,  Have a look here. Ta Diporto Tavern - Athens - Greek Gastronomy Guide. Must go! 

  • Karamanlidika is the name but there are two of these fantastic traditional & authentic taverns's: one is a MEZE (tapas) place and one is a restaurant with excellend food! See here

  • Wine bar Monk (not far from Pame & Tsipouro), see on Monk Grapes & Spirits 

  • Downtown Athens has dozens of fantastic roof top bars and restaurants. Have a look here.

  • Very nice wine bar is Kiki Wine Bar, have a look here.

  • In Pireus is my favorite place is Piscis Fish Restaurant... wonderful. See here. 

  • And of course you want to enjoy the beach! Also off season. This is the pace to be for a great lunch, good music and relax Bolivar Beach. 

  • Great lunch in Plaka?

​​Transport Athens

  • Taxi from the city center to the aiport costs euro  45,00  - 50,00 per way (40 minutes) 

  • Metro ticket from city center to airport costs euro 10,00 per way  (50 minutes) 

  • Simple metro ticket in city center costs euro 1,60

  • Bus ticket Ktel (Kalamata Express) from Athens to Kalamata costs euro 25,00 per way (2,5 hours) 

  • Taxi from the airport to Nea Makri euro 40,00,00 (25 minutes)

  • Taxi's are very cheap in Athens, do not hesitate to catch a taxi

More information about transport in Athens

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