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Flights and rental cars to Authentic Greece

Flights Greece

Authentic Greece has looked up the most flights to our destinations for you.

Book your own (low cost) flight, for example at and we will arrange the rest (rental car, accommodation, tour or experience, etc.). If you can't figure it out, send us an email, 

From Amsterdam to:

Athens – Corfu – Cephalonia – Crete – Kos – Kalamata (Southern Peloponnese) – Rhodes – Thessaloniki – Samos (also for Ikaria) – Preveza (Lefkada) – Zakynthos

* Zakynthos: several times a week

* Kefalonia: Tuesday and Friday

* Athens: every day

* Thessaloniki: every day

* Kalamata: Monday, Wednesday and Saturday

From Rotterdam to:

Corfu – Crete – Kos


From Eindhoven to:

Athens – Crete – Rhodes – Kos – Zakynthos


From Paris to:

Corfu – Crete – Mykonos – Santorini – Kefalonia – Lefkas – Kalamata (Southern Peloponnese) – Rhodes – Thessaloniki – Zakynthos

From Eindhoven to:

Athens – Thessaloniki

From Amsterdam to:

Corfu – Kefalonia – Lefkada – Samos – Zakynthos and more destinations


From Rotterdam to:

not yet known


From Groningen to:

not yet known

From Brussels to:

Araxos (Northern Peloponnese) – Athens – Thessaloniki – Corfu – Samos – Zakynthos and more destinations

Rental cars

Important information

You often see dirt-cheap rental car offers on the internet. Be careful with this. All insurance is often not included here. It is often the case that when you receive your car, many unpleasant surprises await you. Such as a high deductible, only 1 person allowed to drive the car, extra insurance to drive the car on a ferry boat, extra insurance for tires and windows, etc. Usually the deductible is also very high. This is also the case with “renowned companies such as Hertz and Avis”. Ultimately, a rental car in Greece in summer cannot cost less than 60.00 euros per day. The rental cars we offer you are provided with all possible insurances! We guarantee that! We have been working with a number of local, very reliable rental companies for many years. We know them personally and guarantee impeccable service and quality.

You can always book on At Sunnycars, all insurance is included and you don't have to pay anything extra.

Take a look at our Facebook page, where you will find fun information, photo updates and offers every day @AuthenticGreece

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