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Tolo Hotel  ***

Holiday or tour on the Peloponnese

Just enjoy your holiday or tour in the Peloponnese

Tolo Hotel is an incredibly nice 3-star hotel, mainly because of its location. Hotel Tolo is located in the town of Tolo near Nafplion and Epiaurus. The hotel is, as it were, in the sea. The sea view rooms, restaurant and bar are unique. You can enjoy the beautiful view of the islands and the blue sea for hours. The rooms are quite small and simple, but have all the comfort you need during a stay in the seaside resort of Tolo. Breakfast and dinner are very good.

Tolo is a pleasantly busy seaside resort where many Greeks also spend their summer holidays (mainly in August).

Ideal for a multi-day stay during a tour of the Peloponnese

Many cruises are organized to the islands

Ideal for beach holidays

Distance Athens:  140 km

Distance Nafplion: 10 km

Distance Epidaurus: 25 km

Tolo Hotel is Wheel Chair Friendly

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